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Bartlett recognizes that milling is part art, part science, and all business. Bartlett Milling produces a full line of top quality flours. Our product line includes bread, buns, crackers, tortillas, cookies, cakes, pizza, biscuits, and all-purpose and whole wheat flours as well as custom blends. Bartlett ships both bulk and bagged flour to bakeries, distribution centers, restaurants, and institutions in the Mid- Atlantic States and Midwest. We pride ourselves on providing excellent products and excellent service, and we are recognized by a number of our Customers for being their premier supplier.

Bartlett‘s commitment to quality begins with procurement. The company’s grain market expertise and strong origination network, which extends throughout the heart of the wheat belt, enable us to begin milling with the best quality wheat. Our experienced millers use the most advanced milling equipment in the world to produce the highest-quality and most consistent product available from one harvest to the next. In addition, we operate a fully staffed cereal chemistry lab at each mill to oversee production and ensure we maintain the highest possible product quality levels. And our baking specialists work in our labs and at Customers' facilities to test products and solve problems.

Bartlett Milling understands the importance of reliable, timely delivery. Our logistics expertise and fleets of flour trucks and railroad cars ensure we deliver on time, every time.